Cape Cod 7's


Newton, MA 02468, United States

On behalf of the Boston Women's Rugby Club I'd like to invite your team to compete in the 24th Annual Cape Cod 7s Tournament! For over two decades the Cape Cod 7s Tournament has featured competitive 7s play by welcoming select side, club, collegiate and high school teams. The tournament is an opportunity to play great rugby, express your creativity and meet club, collegiate, and high school women's rugby players from across the country.

This year's tournament will provisionally be held on Saturday, 18th July , in Eastham, MA. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Cape Cod is a popular New England vacation spot; Eastham is located on Cape Cod about 2.5 hours southeast of Boston and a half hour from Provincetown (the tip of Cape Cod and the location of some excellent bars, shops and beaches).

The tournament is a one-day event with competitive, social, college, and high school divisions. Teams of all levels are welcome to participate. Each team is guaranteed 3 matches. However, for teams who play through to the finals, the number can be far higher! Teams are encouraged to play in costume and our post-tournament social features a skit competition nearly as fierce as what we see on the pitch. This year the skit competition will include lip syncing and/or karaoke,

If you would like more information about Cape Cod 7s or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time!